Have you chosen the right benefit strategy?

  • Are you facing the usual Group Traditional pitfalls?
  • Are your employees having trouble affording your group plan?
  • Premiums are steadily rising year after year?
  • Are you tired of paying 30% mark-up on your claims?
  • Does your plan pay 80% rather than a 100%?

Benefit packages are not “one size fits all” so let PHSPCanada customize your benefits with options for health and dental coverage, vision, retirement planning and more.

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Why Should Employers Offer a Group Benefit Program?

Attract and Retain Talent – A Group Program protects Employees and their Families and is a direct way of showing that you are an Employer of choice – to the Team you have now, and to anyone considering working for you.

Protect Your People – Benefits provide coverage for people who may be unexpectedly faced with an emergency or critical illness, and they help maintain good health before problems occur.

Strengthen Your Business – Access to benefits means Employees lose less time to extended illness or health concerns, increasing effectively and driving a stronger business.

PHSPCanada Group Benefit Choices for Employees

Direct self-funding is a great way to break out of the traditional mold to utilize flexible options that meet your needs.

View and choose the plan that works for your Business Model

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PHSPCanada Business Owner Plan

Are you a business owner struggling to manage the soaring costs of health and dental treatments for your family? Traditional health insurance plans often come with hefty premiums that can surpass the actual coverage you receive.

But worry not, because PHSPCanada has the perfect solution for you - the Business Owners Plan, specifically designed to meet the needs of self-employed Business Owners like yourself.

The PHSPCanada plan is designed so your company pays the cost as a deductible Business expense and the benefits are received tax free.

And that's not all - PHSPCanada also offers an impressive Travel Insurance add-on for business owners. Experience unparalleled peace of mind while traveling with our comprehensive travel plan. For only $202 per year per family, you can enjoy 60 days of coverage along with protection for pre-existing stability conditions. Travel with confidence, knowing that you and your family are protected with PHSPCanada's travel insurance package.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with a second opinion on your Health & Dental plans.

PHSPCanada Professional Plan

Discover relief from escalating healthcare expenses with PHSPCanada's Professional Self-Employed Business Owner's plan – your optimal solution. Unlike conventional costly health insurance, this plan empowers you to utilize your Professional Corp's funds for family healthcare, all while reaping tax-free advantages.

Our plan's affordability is unparalleled, featuring a 7% fee capped at $55 per family claim batch, generating substantial savings. Consider a scenario: aggregated family claims worth $3,000 for only a $55 administration fee.

Augment your coverage further with PHSPCanada's Professional Self-Employed Business Owners Travel Insurance. At just $202 annually per family, experience genuine tranquility during your travels. This all-encompassing travel scheme presents unbeatable group rates and encompasses pre-existing stability conditions, instilling unwavering travel confidence.

Banish concerns about surging healthcare costs. Embrace the PHSPCanada Professional Self-Employed Business Owner's plan for budget-friendly, all-inclusive coverage, addressing your family's health and dental necessities domestically and internationally.

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PHSPCanada Flexible Plan

Designed by the employer, with a designed dollar amount for claims, allowing the employee to claim what they need when they need it.

The PHSPCanada is the main program (employer) and the Employee Health and Dental Spending Account is the employee's access. PHSPCanada is like a bank account. Employees start each plan year with a designated number of credits / dollars in their PHSPCanada (set by the employer). Then, throughout the year, employees use those credits / dollars to pay for CRA eligible medical, vision and dental expenses.

Employees can use their PHSPCanada - Cash Account to purchase health, dental and vision care needs plus hearing aids, rent crutches, top up coverage orthodontics or purchase Optional Add-on Health and Dental Card Insurance.

The Perfect Plan for Small Businesses.

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Traditional Group Benefits

Designed to provide the employees with the traditional style of group coverage. Plus unique add-ons, view here.

Insured health benefits plan allows you to customize your solutions to meet the needs of your employees. Happier, more engaged and productive employees means higher rates of attraction, loyalty and retention.

Super Value: Group Premium rate guarantees of 36 months, 27 months or 16 months depending on your employee information.

Providing group volume discounts that are usually 15% to 20% lower than employees would pay, if not grouped.

90% of the companies qualify for the 36 month or 27 month guarantee(s).

Your current plan is 12 months or less before a premium rate review increase happens. Your group could have 3 renewals before our first renewal.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with a second opinion on your Employee Group Traditional plan.

Traditional ASO Hybrid

Designed by the employer to mimic a traditional plan with the control of the design and costs.

The administration % costs of processing claims drops from 25% to 10%, that is a 15% permanent savings to both the employer and employees.

The Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan allows the employer to avoid costly insurance premiums for predictable health costs. This means more control over costs and valuable coverage for your employees.

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Traditional Pooled Plan

Introducing a Truly Equitable Pooled Plan - Uniform Costs for all Employees and Employers.

For business owners, time is a precious asset. Simplify the benefits selection process and cost outlay for your group package. Our pooled plan encompasses health, dental, life, and disability coverage, tailored for small businesses with 3-10 employees. The plan formation treats employees as a consolidated entity, promoting a more consistent premium rate through risk distribution among members.

Craft your coverage according to your business model - a balance between comprehensiveness and affordability. Handpick benefits that align seamlessly, with an easy grasp of your monthly premiums.

Designed for premium stability, brace yourself for a steady plan renewal, free from abrupt premium surges.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you a second opinion on your Employee Group Benefits plan.

Short Term Disability Plan

Self-funded short term disability coverage is an excellent solution that small businesses can rely on to offer their employees protection against injury and illness. This option allows companies to personalize their coverage to their employees' needs and reduces administrative expenses.

If you're an employer seeking to safeguard your workforce against unexpected illnesses or injuries, self-funded short term disability coverage might be the answer. STD presents a cost-effective and flexible option that benefits both employer and employees.

Allow us the opportunity to provide a second opinion quote on your Employee STD Insurance coverage.

Wellness - Personal Development

The Wellness - Personal Development Plan is a fantastic way to offer employees a unique benefit to enlighten their lives.

The coverage is for proactive health expenses that are not covered by traditional group plans.

The Wellness - Personal Development Plan is designed to let employers deposit a set amount of money into employees Wellness Accounts, which is paid out as a taxable benefit to the employee. Runs like a bank account, employees can then use those funds for a variety of lifestyle expenses.

 Wellness - Personal Development plan is a great way to keep your benefits package fresh and help you stand out in a sea of employers. In addition to reinforcing your company culture, the PHSPCanada Wellness - Personal Development offers unparalleled personalization on benefits your employees will be sure to use and appreciate.

With our Wellness Plan, companies can engage and retain their employees in a whole new way, offering wellness benefits that truly make a difference in the lives of their employees.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with a second opinion on your Wellness - Personal Development plans.

Looking to break out of the traditional plan design mold? Self-funding your benefits plan might be the way to go. With flexible options that meet the needs and concerns of your employees, self-funding could be a great solution for your business.

Are you a business owner needing coverage for you and your family?

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