Have you chosen the right benefit strategy?

  • Is your employee benefits plan effectively showcasing why your workplace is an ideal choice for employees?
  • Are you facing the Employee Group Traditional Plan pitfalls?
  • Are your employees having trouble affording your group plan?
  • Premiums are steadily rising year after year?
  • Are you tired of paying 30% mark-up on your claims?
  • Does your plan pay 80% rather than a 100%?

Benefit packages are not “one size fits all” so let PHSPCanada customize your benefits with options for health and dental coverage, vision, retirement planning and more.

If you answered ‘YES’ to the questions above then complete this Benefits Evaluation for Employers questionnaire.

Employer thoughts on the Value of offering Employee Benefits

Attract and Retain Employees – A Group Program serves as an effective mechanism for safeguarding the welfare of employees and their families, thereby demonstrating your status as a highly desirable employer both to your existing team members and prospective employees.

Protect Your Employees – Recognizing the significance of providing flexible benefits that accommodate the needs of today’s diverse workforce comprising various generations is paramount. Implementing a Employee Benefits plan that encompasses a wide range of options tailored to different ages and life stages not only enhances employee satisfaction and productivity but also aids in the attraction and retention of valuable workforce employees.

Strengthen Your Business – Access to benefits ensures that employees experience fewer disruptions caused by prolonged illness or health concerns, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency within your organization. This positive outcome significantly benefits your business.

PHSPCanada Group Benefit Choices for Employees

The aim is to attain the most appropriate price, tailored to suit your business model rather than solely focusing on the lowest price.

View and choose the plan that works for your Business Model

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Shareholders Health & Dental Plan
  • Designed for shareholders and their families.
  • R/X Drugs and Dental expenses paid by company.
  • Tax free to shareholders – no personal tax.
  • No premiums.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Group Travel Insurance - Super Value.
Learn More about the Shareholders Plan on our YouTube page.
Allow us the opportunity to provide a second opinion on your Shareholders plan.

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Medical & Accountants Professional Plan

Accountants & Medical professional's ONLY no other professional industries qualify.

  • R/X Drugs and Dental expenses paid by professional corporation.
  • Tax free to shareholders – no personal tax.
  • No premiums.
  • Flat processing fee - #1 rated.
  • One time application fee of $125.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Group Travel Insurance - Super Value.
Learn More about the Medical & Accountants Professional Plan on our YouTube page.
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Employee Designated Dollar Claim Allocation Plan
  • Employer sets employee benefit limits.
  • No premiums until claims.
  • Employer has control of costs.
  • Employee has complete flexibility.
  • Tax deductible to your company.
  • Tax-Free to the employee.
  • Group Travel Insurance - Super Value.
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Learn More about the Employee Designated Dollar Claim Allocation Plan on our YouTube page.
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Traditional Group Plan
  • Designed for companies wanting a traditional group employee style.
  • Rate guarantees 3 – 24 employees / 27 months no rate increase.
  • 25+ employees 3 years no rate increases.
  • Top tier group insurance company provides benefits.
Learn More about the Traditional Group Plan on our YouTube page.
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ASO Hybrid Traditional Group
  • Designed for companies who want to control costs for 25+ employees.
  • Two plan designs – Basic & Enhanced.
  • Matches current Health & Dental Traditional plan coverage.
  • Direct self-funding claims vs. indirect with premiums.
  • 8 – 10% administration fees vs. 25 – 30% by traditional group plans.
  • Underwriting by major group insurance companies.
Learn More about the ASO Hybrid Traditional Plan on our YouTube page.
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Short Term Disability Plan
  • Designed for companies who want to provide Short Term Disability coverage for Employees.
  • Employer self administration as claim occurs.
  • Employee paid benefits.
  • Control of coverage and cost.
  • Employees are paid fast - Limited delays.
  • Low Administration.
  • 1st day Accident.
  • 1st day Hospitalization.
  • 7 calendar days Sickness - Waiting Period.
  • 17, 26 or 52 weeks of Benefits.
Learn More about the Short Term Disability Plan on our YouTube page.
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Wellness - Personal Development
  • Designed for companies of 1 - 100 Employees.
  • #1 Benefit employees ask for.
  • Provides coverage for pro-active claims.
  • Employer has control of credits.
  • Employee has complete flexibility.
  • Taxable benefit to Employees.
  • Tax deduction to Employer.
View Wellness-Personal Development Plan
Learn More about the Wellness - Personal Development Plan on our YouTube page.
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The way to differentiate plans is not by fees, we touch and track each claim, adhering to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules and regulations.

Are you a shareholder needing coverage for you and your family?

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PHSPCanada Group Benefit Products

Customizing a benefits package that attracts and keeps employees happy.

PHSPCanada offering products and services that are unique to benefit plans.

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Client Testimonials

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Your entire team is great! I mostly dealt with Meagan and she is very knowledgeable and efficient and very pleasant to speak with.

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I have only used the website to submit my claims and that works well. Thank you!

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We have not had to use your service much lately but when we do need to utilize your services the process is seamless. Thank you!

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Staff is always so friendly and knowledgeable.

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The flexibility and speed claim was paid was great. Overall I am satisfied with my group benefits.

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David and his Team are prompt and thorough. They are true professionals and I highly recommend working with them.

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Always answered my e-mail enquiries super quickly, and your claims filling procedures and turn around time has always been fast and accurate. Thank you again!!!

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We have been using them for over 8 years plus for our business and it has been great. Would recommend them. Professional, friendly and efficient.

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Quick and easy to submit claims. The claims are processed in a timely manner.

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I really like the flexibility to use benefits where I need most.

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No complaints this is the easiest system I've ever had to use.

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You all do an excellent job! I love the holiday emails.

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Your staff were very helpful when I finally sent in my papers and they kindly finished my application. Thank you.

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It's always a pleasure dealing with Puhl.

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Service is seamless & responsive. Thank you!

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I was able to navigate the system without having to reach out. I appreciate that the website and process is intuitive and concise.

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It's always a pleasure to deal with Puhl. It's easy to submit and the reimbursement is always quick.

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